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Saturday, Jun. 22, 2024
Business Analysis
A Successful Approach to Software Development
Our business analysts help you implement successful solutions and reduce software development costs. Unibenco helps you satisfy client requirements and meet deadlines within budget.

Our team provides professional business analysis and/or project management services reducing software development costs. Unibenco’s proven approach and a properly managed process help you avoid client requirements not met, missed deadlines, exceeded budgets, or a combination of them.

Unibenco uses leading techniques including organization modeling, data modeling, process modeling, document analysis, estimation, use cases, user stories, prototyping, resource planning, resource leveling and other techniques that follow "best practices" in software development. We have successfully guided our customers to successfully implement many development projects, and you can leverage on this expertise. 

Start practicing excellence in business analysis by working your software development projects with Unibenco. 

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